Dig deep. Work hard. Be real.
What it means to be
Well. Grounded.
Dig deep. Work hard. Be real.
What it means to be
Well. Grounded.
Dig deep. Work hard. Be real.
What it means to be
Well. Grounded.
Dig deep. Work hard. Be real.
What it means to be
Well. Grounded.
Dig deep. Work hard. Be real.
What it means to be
Well. Grounded.
Dig deep. Work hard. Be real.
What it means to be
Well. Grounded.
Special Announcement

Come see why NMH is such an incredible place to live and learn: visit us.

Good lives grow from strong roots.

That’s why, at Northfield Mount Hermon, we focus as much on character and citizenship as we do on intellectual development. It’s why we’re committed to creating the kind of diverse and dynamic prep-school community that reflects the real world. And it’s why we provide innovative academic experiences that are nothing short of life changing.

Where will a well-grounded education take you?
If you're looking for an Independent Co-Ed Boarding School In Massachusetts, you've found it!


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We take teaching - and the success of our students - seriously.


adults in your support network

Our students build trusting, supportive friendships and mentorships with our faculty and staff.


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NMH is a school where lifelong friendships are formed!
As a student-centered independent school, we send students to the college that is the best fit for them!



NMH welcomes students from all over the world!


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Strong Academics: You’ll Love Learning 

Every school teaches subjects. Not many teach students to love learning.

At NMH, we do. We want you to think for fun. Indulge your curiosity. Imagine the possibilities. Yes, our classes are tough. Our teachers will challenge you. But that’s how it should be when you’re ambitious, open-minded, and ready for a new kind of intellectual experience.

We offer an academic program that values collaboration over competition. And a culture that values both personal achievement and community responsibility. You’ll learn both in the classroom and out in the world. 

Instead of cutthroat grade-grubbing, you’ll see NMH students and highly trained faculty working together so everyone in a class succeeds. Our college-prep academics are rigorous and demand strong intellectual skills, but creative collaboration is a key component of the classroom experience.

Through our College-Model Academic Program (CMAP), you’ll take fewer classes per semester so you can do a deeper dive into every subject.

The result? You’ll have more peers, less pressure. Small classes and big conversations. A love of learning will take root here that can grow throughout your lifetime.

A Private Education as Individual as You Are

This year’s NMH students hail from 58 different countries and a wide variety of backgrounds, so your classmates will bring unique perspectives to each discussion and activity. You’ll be living and studying with National Merit scholars, amateur astronomers, Ultimate Frisbee champs, prize-winning musicians and debaters, and future Broadway stars. 

But at NMH, it’s not really about where you’re from or what you’ve already done. It’s about who you might become.

Between our rigorous academics, competitive sports, creative arts, and other activities, all NMH students find their own sweet spots: the places where they bring together their talents, passions, and constantly evolving skills. 

You’ll explore possibilities and find what you love and do extremely well. We provide plenty of innovative ways to discover your own path in life. Which ones you choose is entirely up to you.

Our Holistic, Compassionate Community

You can stand strong. Because we’ve got your back.

We do it with our Partnership of 12. It’s a network of at least a dozen adults on campus who guide your journey each step of the way. The teacher steering you through a complex science experiment, the coach helping you shave minutes off your 5K time, the choral director showing you how to hit those high notes — they’re helping you reach your goals and dream big. 

Can’t decide which extracurriculars to try? Where to apply to college? The best way to ask someone to a dance? The Partnership of 12 can help with all kinds of questions. 

Your Partnership of 12 will include your advisor, academic and co-curricular teachers, coaches, campus work supervisors, dorm faculty, and your college counselor. This team of mentors is just one way that we’ll help you, and every other NMH student, grow.

We have one goal: empowering students to act with humanity and purpose. That means educating the whole you — engaging your intellect, talent, and compassion. 

For every out-of-this-world academic experience, you will have an equally powerful opportunity to “act locally.” On campus, that could mean anything from serving on a sustainability task force to acting as a peer mediator to chopping wood at the farm. Off campus, you’ll find others digging in and helping out wherever they can — at places like the ASPCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Franklin County Community Meals Program.

Succeed Here. Then Succeed Anywhere.

As NMH graduates enter college and adulthood, they are prepared not only to succeed, but also to thrive. 

Well-educated is not enough. We want you to make a real difference — during your prep-school years and for the rest of your life. NMH culture inspires personal achievement and personal responsibility. The result is sky-high aspirations with down-to-earth sensibilities.

Among our alumni we can claim Grammy, Oscar, and Pulitzer prize winners; a MacArthur Foundation “genius”; U.S. ambassadors and White House senior advisors; and notable artists, athletes, and businesspeople.

Admission: Join Our Top College-Prep School

All boarding schools try to help their students become more independent, more mature, and most likely, more academically successful. At NMH, students do all that — plus they grow into pretty great people. They become their best selves.

We’re ready to help. To teach, coach, and advise you. To collaborate with you. Pay us a visit and see what we’re all about. Email the admission office or give us a call at 413-498-3227.

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