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  • Coach

    Education: BS Oceanography - United States Naval Academy; Nuclear Engineer - Naval Nuclear Training Command - US Navy

    Roles at NMH: Science teacher, advisor

    I am a '92 Post-graduate of NMH and loved my short time 'on the hill' so much, I came back to teach and have been teaching now for 17 years! What I enjoyed the most as a student was being around people from all over the world, and teachers that challenged me to THINK. As a teacher, I know that physics is not an easy topic for most and some students can be even fearful. I challenge all of my students to be open to struggle. My quote that I convey to my students is "Do not be afraid of what you do not understand, seek to understand and you will no longer be afraid." I think this philosophy can be applied to all aspects of life -- and NMH does just that, in and out of the classroom.

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