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  • Coach

    Education: B.A., Philosophy and Classics, St. John's College; M.A.T., Education and English; Smith College

    Roles at NMH: English and Latin teacher, boys' junior varsity cross-country coach, track and field coach; dorm faculty, advisor

    Experience: Teaching at NMH since spring 2016. Prior to that, she tutored high school and college students in reading, writing, Latin, and Greek, and was a private practice academic coach for students with a wide variety of learning styles, including diagnosed and undiagnosed ADHD and dyslexia. She has also taught at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School in South Hadley, MA; Covenant Preparatory School in Hartford, CT; and Northampton High School in Northampton, MA.

  • Coach

    Education: B.S. Biology Michigan State University; M.S. Natural Sciences Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    Roles at NMH: Biology teacher, girls' cross country running coach, student advisor, department chair

    Experience: At NMH since 1985; Elizabeth Howe Reuckert Faculty Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching, 2001; Howard Rubenthal Faculty Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching, 2008

    NMH students are curious and hard working, always looking to make connections between what we study, their lives, and the world. Feeding their curiosity and learning along side students has always made teaching a joy for me.

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  • Assistant Coach

    Education: B.S., Chemistry, Penn State; Ph.D., Chemistry, Dartmouth College

    Roles at NMH: Science Teacher, Cross Country Coach, Dorm Faculty Mackinnon

    Experience: At NMH since 2015; science teacher, Blair Academy; studied both chemistry and biology, focusing on the roles that metallic elements play within biological systems; research post-doc, University of Potsdam, Germany; faculty-in-training fellow, Wellesley College

    I love working with NMH's talented and engaged students and staff. We have the opportunity and freedom to explore ideas that capture our imagination. My students and colleagues are passionate about learning about our world, and caring for our community.