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    Education: BS Oceanography - United States Naval Academy; Nuclear Engineer - Naval Nuclear Training Command - US Navy

    Roles at NMH: Science teacher, advisor

    I am a '92 Post-graduate of NMH and loved my short time 'on the hill' so much, I came back to teach and have been teaching now for 17 years! What I enjoyed the most as a student was being around people from all over the world, and teachers that challenged me to THINK. As a teacher, I know that physics is not an easy topic for most and some students can be even fearful. I challenge all of my students to be open to struggle. My quote that I convey to my students is "Do not be afraid of what you do not understand, seek to understand and you will no longer be afraid." I think this philosophy can be applied to all aspects of life -- and NMH does just that, in and out of the classroom.

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  • Assistant Coach

    I love hearing and nurturing the different perspectives and ideas that are brought to the classroom everyday at NMH. I encourage my students to value their own opinions and those of their classmates, and by doing so they learn in a cooperative and stimulating manner. Teaching sophomores in World History particularly lends itself to exciting discoveries of connections and understandings that may have previously lay hidden to students. I value my role in facilitating that process, and I continuously find NMH students eager to learn more of their world and how they figure within it.

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    Education: B.A., Amherst College

    Roles at NMH: UPenn economics teaching fellow; varsity soccer assistant coach; varsity track and field assistant coach, dorm faculty, advisor

    What excites me about this unique opportunity to teach at NMH is the chance to be a positive force in students' lives in my capacity as a teacher, advisor, coach, and mentor. As an NMH alum myself, I was in the same position as these students four years ago, so I understand what they are going through on daily basis.

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  • Assistant Coach

    Education: Ph.D., Comparative Literature, University of South Carolina; M.A., German, University of South Carolina; B.A. English/Media Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum

    Roles at NMH: English teacher, coach of boys' junior varsity soccer, track, dorm faculty, student advisor, advisor to the German Club, ESOL Support Coordinator

    I enjoy getting to know the students in different capacities: in the classroom, the dorm, and as advisees and athletes. I am excited to play a small part in their "formative" years and to witness their growth and changes.

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    Education: Ph.D., Russian Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China); M.A., Russian language and Literature, Jilin University (China); B.A., Russian Language and Literature, Henan University (China)

    Roles at NMH: Chinese teacher; track coach; dorm faculty, student advisor, supervisor of the Russian Speaking Students Association

    The school supports me, and students trust me. Students are diligent, they have great passion in learning the Chinese language and culture. When my students can speak correct and fluent Chinese, when they tell me they are still learning Chinese at colleges, when they are still using Chinese in their jobs, this excites me.