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  • Coach

    I love hearing and nurturing the different perspectives and ideas that are brought to the classroom everyday at NMH. I encourage my students to value their own opinions and those of their classmates, and by doing so they learn in a cooperative and stimulating manner. Teaching sophomores in World History particularly lends itself to exciting discoveries of connections and understandings that may have previously lay hidden to students. I value my role in facilitating that process, and I continuously find NMH students eager to learn more of their world and how they figure within it.

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  • Assistant Coach

    Education: B.A., Amherst College

    Roles at NMH: UPenn economics teaching fellow; varsity soccer assistant coach; varsity track and field assistant coach, dorm faculty, advisor

    What excites me about this unique opportunity to teach at NMH is the chance to be a positive force in students' lives in my capacity as a teacher, advisor, coach, and mentor. As an NMH alum myself, I was in the same position as these students four years ago, so I understand what they are going through on daily basis.