Support NMH: Faculty Housing

Fundraising goal: $2.4 million (fully funded!)

In 2013, NMH built six new faculty homes in what has become known as "faculty village." The $2.4 million project was completed in 2015. Many houses were named in honor of beloved teachers: the late Mec Peller; the late Alice Baldwin and E. Mary Baxter; Bill ’59 and Linda Batty; the late Mary Lighthall Compton ’44; and in honor of the Cole Family, which includes numerous NMH graduates. The name of the final house is still being contemplated by the donors.

Faculty Houses and Donors

  • Bill ’59 and Linda Batty House, given by Tom Draper '60
  • Mec Peller House, given with a lead gift by Cyndy Gelsthorpe Fish '78 and with gifts from numerous alumni donors
  • Mary L. Compton ’44 House, given by Elizabeth Compton ’72 and Eric Grubman
  • Baldwin-Baxter Faculty House, given by Stephen S. Fuller ’58
  • Cole House, given by the Cole family
  • Route ’66 (the path to the faculty houses) given by the Class of 1966, with a lead gift from Suzie Steenberger Hill ’66