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Tuition and Financial Aid

Summer Session for College Prep, Rising Scholars and ESOL

On-campus tuition:

  • Five-week program: boarding $8,500/ESOL $8,900; day $3,600

  • Three-week program: boarding $5,950; day $2,500

Tuition includes major course(s), afternoon minor course (with the exception of SAT/SSAT courses), and sports. Boarding fee includes housing, meals, and laundry service. Day fee includes all on-campus meals.

Additional fees: All students are required to pay the student activities fee of $150 and will need to purchase their own textbooks via the NMH Barnes & Noble store. Book costs vary from a few dollars to $200, depending on the course(s).

All students must pay a health service fee of $150 for COVID testing.

All international families are required to take the NMH health insurance. Cost is approximately $250 and will be confirmed in your acceptance information. U.S. families must provide proof of health insurance to waive this fee.

Online course tuition:

  • Five-week Virtual Math Academy: $3,500. Students may take one of our math credit courses online. Classes run Monday through Saturday and require students to attend three daily sessions via Zoom.

  • Five-week English for Speakers of Other Languages: $3,500

  • Three-week Journalism course: $1,500. Classes meet via Zoom in the mornings, Monday through Friday.

Optional SAT/SSAT Test-Prep Course add-ons (on-campus only):

  • SAT (five-week): 

    • four days per week $950 (Math and English)

    • two days per week $475 (Math or English)

  • SAT (three-week, Math and English): 

    • four days per week $575

  • SSAT (Math and English four days/week) five-week $950 or three-week $575


Deposits are due within two weeks of acceptance. Remaining balance is due by May 1, 2022.
NOTE: For late acceptances, after April 15, please refer to the deadlines specified in the acceptance letter.

Financial Aid
Northfield Mount Hermon has a century-old tradition of offering educational opportunities to students of all socio-economic backgrounds. Anyone may apply, although the majority of financial aid is reserved for U.S. citizens. Financial aid is granted based on demonstrated need as well as the student’s academic drive and performance. For more detailed requirements, please refer to the financial aid application form. Applications are due by March 1, 2022.

Refund Policy
If you withdraw after enrollment but before June 1, 2022, you will receive a refund of all fees paid except the application fee and the enrollment deposit. No refunds will be issued for withdrawal from the program after June 1, 2022.


The Summer 2023 program information and application will be available by November 1st. In the meantime, if you have any questions please reach out to the Summer Session office at 413-498-3290 or email

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