Transportation to and from NMH Summer Session

Arrival and Departure Dates

On registration day, Saturday, June 27, all students must arrive between 10 am and 4 pm. NMH Summer Session is not able to accommodate students in the dormitories before 10 am, and all students must arrive before 4 pm.

On closing day, Saturday, August 1, NMH Summer Session ends and all students leave campus. Final classes take place on Friday, July 31, and there are special farewell events for students that evening. (Students may leave after classes end at 3 pm on July 31, although most will wish to remain for the farewell activities on Friday evening and leave on Saturday morning.)

Families are invited to join us on the evening of July 31 for dinner, student performances, and to speak with teachers. Teachers will also be available to speak with parents on the morning of August 1. (We understand that many families will be unable to attend, particularly since half of our students come to us from other countries.) 

When making departure travel plans, remember that students must leave campus before noon on August 1. NMH Summer Session is not able to provide meals, lodging, or supervision for students after that time.

Special Notes
Full transportation details—as well as a form to complete with students’ travel plans to and from NMH Summer Session—will be sent to parents after students enroll. 

Because of space limitations, our buses are for students only. If family members accompany students, they must make their own travel arrangements. (See “Private Ground Transportation” section below.) Also, family members cannot stay in our dormitories, nor can we provide transportation between our campus and area hotels/motels and restaurants. (There are none within walking distance.) 

Transportation Options



We will have charter buses at Bradley International Airport (BDL) in Connecticut—approximately one hour’s drive from our campus—on Saturday, June 27. We do not provide buses or chaperones to and from airports in Boston or New York.

Because of the number of students requiring transportation to and from Bradley Airport, NMH Summer Session is not able to provide any special arrangements. Flight reservations must be made with the following times in mind.


  • Students flying to Bradley Airport on Saturday, June 27, must arrange flights that arrive at the airport before 2 pm. The last NMH charter bus leaves Bradley Airport promptly at 3 pm that day. All students are required to arrive on the NMH campus before 4 pm, so reservations must not be made for flights that arrive at Bradley Airport after 2 pm on June 27.
  • If a flight cannot be arranged that will arrive at Bradley Airport before 2 pm on Saturday, June 27, the student must take a flight that arrives on the afternoon or evening of Friday, June 26, and stay overnight at the Bradley Sheraton Hotel. 
  • NMH Summer Session teachers will be at the Sheraton Hotel at Bradley Airport from noon on June 26 through 3 pm on June 27 to assist students taking our charter buses. They will have all students’ names and flight information, so they will know when students are scheduled to arrive.
  • Unaccompanied Minors: It is the parents' responsibility to check with the airline(s) if their student needs to be booked as an unaccompanied minor (UM). Be sure to check regulations regarding connecting flights.

    • Families with students who qualify as UMs are required to pre-pay for the airline UM service for both incoming and outgoing flights and provide NMH Summer Session with a copy of the receipt. An example of a Delta airlines receipt is attached. 

    • Important: You must also provide us with your airline booking confirmation number (not the flight number) given to you by the airlines (usually a five- or six-digit letter/number combination; for example, AB12CD) and a copy of your UM form completed for the airline. This will be required when our chaperone takes your child to check-in for their return flight.

    • One of our teachers will meet—at their arrival gate—students whose parents have made special arrangements with airlines to have them travel as unaccompanied minors. The teacher’s name will be provided to parents after the student has enrolled so that the name can be given to the airlines. There is no fee for this service.

  • All other students, upon arrival, must check in with our teachers at the Bradley Sheraton Hotel. (The meeting room number will be emailed to families in June.) The Sheraton Hotel is inside the airport, a short walk down the hall from where flights arrive; students don’t even need to go outside. Students will not be individually supervised by NMH teachers on Friday, June 26, but they will be required to check in periodically with our teachers throughout the evening.
  • It is best if June 26 flights arrive in the afternoon or early evening. However, for students with flights arriving very late on June 26 or very early on June 27, our teachers will remain in the meeting room until all students check in (or will meet at their arrival gate students whose parents have made special arrangements with airlines to have them travel as unaccompanied minors). 
  • NMH Summer Session has been using this arrangement successfully for many years. Each summer, more than 50 of our students stay overnight at the airport hotel and take our charter buses the next day.
  • Hotel reservations for the night of June 26 must be made only through a Sheraton website link that the hotel has established for our families. Parents must not make reservations through any other agency. This link will be emailed to families after students enroll. NMH Summer Session has a special arrangement with the Bradley Sheraton Hotel, allowing our students who are under 18 years old to stay overnight on June 26 without parents (since our teachers will be staying there). Please note that NMH Summer Session cannot make reservations for students.
  • There will be an NMH bus leaving Bradley Airport at 9 am on June 27 so that students who stayed overnight do not have to wait for the 3 pm bus. Students who stay overnight must take the 9 am bus.


  • On Saturday, August 1, our buses transporting students to Bradley Airport will leave NMH at various times throughout the morning, with the first bus arriving at the airport by 8 am and the last bus arriving at the airport by 1 pm. There is no fee for these buses.
  • Flights should be scheduled to depart Bradley Airport at 10 am or later on August 1. If students have flights departing in the late afternoon or evening, they must plan for time spent waiting at the airport. As noted above, our last bus will arrive at the airport by 1 pm. NMH does not provide any supervision of students whose flights leave later in the day unless parents make special arrangements with us (see next paragraph). Students whose parents have made special arrangements with airlines to have them travel as unaccompanied minors must be supervised by an adult.
  • Some airlines require that an adult escort a student right up until actual boarding and flight take-off. If a student’s age, or parents’ personal preference, requires that the student be accompanied by an adult until flight departure on August 1, parents must make arrangements either with NMH Summer Session or with another provider. If parents wish to arrange for this service with NMH Summer Session, there is a form to complete (sent after students enroll) and a fee of $100 per student.
  • If a student has a flight departing from Bradley Airport before 10 am on August 1—or any flight departing from another airport—parents must make their own arrangements for the student’s transportation to the airport and for an adult escort if the student is traveling as an unaccompanied minor. (See “Private Ground Transportation” section above.)
  • Do not make flight reservations for Sunday, August 2, because students cannot stay overnight at NMH on August 1, and students under 18 years old cannot stay overnight at the Bradley Sheraton Hotel on August 1 because NMH Summer Session will not have overnight adult chaperones at Bradley Airport. If parents are unable to book an August 1 flight, they must book a flight for Friday, July 31.

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