Rising Scholars Program sports meet from 1:30 to 3:00 pm, four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).

All boarding students participating in the Rising Scholars Program are required to take a sport (unless taking a full-morning course that has additional required afternoon sessions - see NOTE below).

Day students may choose to attend or opt out of sports. However, they need to decide this before the Summer Session begins, and those who elect to participate must attend all sport meetings for the entire session (they may not attend sports some of the time).

Certain sports may fill quickly, so you should list three choices on your online application. The sport to which each student is assigned is for the first half of Summer Session; students have the option of changing to another sport for the second half of the summer, and these changes are scheduled with the athletic director at the halfway point of the session.


NOTE: Some full-morning courses, such as Algebra I, have additional required class sessions during the first half of the afternoon, four days per week (as noted in course descriptions). Rising Scholars Program students in those courses have the option of taking either a Rising Scholars minor course or a College Prep sport for the second half of the afternoon. (The list of sports offerings is the same for both programs.)


Mountain Biking

Ultimate Frisbee
Weight Training and Fitness



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