Rising Scholars Program

For students entering grades 7–9
June 27 to August 1, 2020


The Rising Scholars Program is designed to supplement the curricular offerings of middle schools. We want our students to develop skills and self-confidence and to be better prepared for further academic study. We believe in small classes and as much individualized attention as possible. Our purpose is to nurture intellectual growth in a supportive setting.


Students entering grades seven, eight, and nine are selected on the basis of academic motivation and emotional maturity. Good citizenship and the desire to learn are as important as one’s previous academic record. Each class is taught by a lead teacher and a teaching intern who are selected for their ability to understand and work effectively with middle school students. In some instances, a Rising Scholars Program student may take a course in the College Prep Program; however, the student is housed with other Rising Scholars Program students.


Each Rising Scholars Program student takes two half-morning major courses or one full-morning major course, plus a minor course and sport in the afternoon. Half-morning major courses meet for one hour and 15 minutes, full-morning courses for three hours, Monday through Saturday. For each major course, the student is responsible for at least one hour of out-of-class preparation per day.

Minor courses and sports are scheduled four afternoons each week. Each student spends a short period of time for a few days of the summer participating in the work program, performing chores that benefit the community. Each evening except Saturday, a supervised study period is conducted in the dorms. Students prepare for their courses in their rooms or receive special help in the dorm study areas. Specific efforts are made to maintain a quiet atmosphere and to help students develop good study habits. See the daily schedule here.


Playing fields, tennis and basketball courts, a swimming pool, country roads for cycling, and a natural environment give numerous opportunities for recreational activities. In their free time, after dinner until the evening study period begins, students can choose to play sports, study, join in other organized campus activities, or just relax.

Weekend activities include dances, movies, and trips to Six Flags amusement park, whitewater rafting, Boston, and other places of interest.



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