NMH Summer Session students playing ultimate frisbee
NMH Summer Session students play basketball
NMH Summer Session students on the tennis court
NMH Summer Session students in the pool
NMH Summer Session Students in the dance studio
NMH Summer Session students in a team huddle
Student plays tennis
Student swims laps

Despite our reputation for top academics, you won’t be studying all the time! You’ll get plenty of exercise playing a sport you choose from 3:30 to 5:00 pm, four days each week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).

All boarding students in the College Prep Program are required to take a sport (except as noted in College Prep minor courses under SAT Preparation).

If you’re a day student, you may choose to take part in or opt out of sports. However, you’ll need to decide this before the Summer Session begins. And if you participate, you must attend all sports meetings for the entire session. (You may not attend sports some of the time.)

Certain sports may fill quickly, so you should list three choices on your online application. You’ll be assigned to a sport for the first half of the Summer Session; you can change to another sport for the second half of the summer if you wish. (These changes are scheduled with the athletic director at the halfway point of the Summer Session.)

Mountain Biking
Ultimate Frisbee
Weight Training and Fitness


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