College Prep Program

For students entering grades 10–12
June 27 to August 1, 2020


The College Prep Program is designed for motivated students who are seeking academic enrichment. By concentrating on one course, a student is able to fully embrace a subject and be rewarded by a sense of real accomplishment at the end of the summer. We seek to make the selected subject an integral part of each student’s life for five weeks, and our hope is that we create a desire to explore further. While the schedule requires a great deal of commitment, the experience can be very rewarding. Students are challenged academically, and they have the chance to share their interest in a course with other able students under the guidance of inspiring teachers.

Many students are able to satisfy their schools' requirements for full-year courses—such as U.S. history, the sciences, or mathematics—or to accelerate their progress. Other students build a firm foundation for further study or explore a topic for which there is no course offered at their own school.


Students entering grades 10 through 12 with a record of solid academic performance and good citizenship are encouraged to apply for this program. Each major class averages 10 students, and most have two teachers: the lead teacher brings experience at the secondary or college level, thorough knowledge of the subject, and the ability to work well with high school students; the teaching intern is a college senior or recent graduate who knows the field and has demonstrated an interest in teaching.


Students in the College Prep Program take one major course that meets for three hours on Monday through Saturday mornings. Major courses for which students may earn credit have an additional 1.5-hour session during the first half of the afternoon, four days per week. Students taking morning-only major courses take a minor course during the first half of the afternoon, four days per week. Every student also participates in a sport during the second half of the afternoon, four days per week. Students spend a short period of time for a few days of the summer participating in the work program, doing chores that benefit the community. Each evening except Saturday, a supervised study period is conducted in the dorms and the library to help students develop good study habits. See the daily schedule here.


Playing fields, tennis and basketball courts, a swimming pool, country roads for cycling, and a natural environment give numerous opportunities for recreational activities. In their free time after dinner until the evening study period begins, students can play sports, study, join in other organized campus activities, or just relax. Weekend activities include dances, movies, and trips to Six Flags amusement park, whitewater rafting, Boston, New York City, and other places of interest.


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