Online Application & Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding to our online application.

There is a nonrefundable application fee of $50. The fee can be paid:

  • online when completing the application form
  • by clicking on the Payments Online link on our website
  • in cash
  • by check made out to NMH, written on a U.S. bank and in U.S. dollars
  • by bank wire—contact the Summer Session office for details

Student email and at least one parent email address are required—all correspondence is emailed. 

Home (Household) address information must be complete. This is especially important for applicants from outside the U.S. as immigration regulations require that we have international students’ complete home addresses. (Do not list business or school addresses in this section.)

If you attended NMH Summer Session previously, you will need to complete and submit a 2020 online application. Only the online application, the application fee, your latest report card or transcript, and a new ID photo are required, unless you are applying for financial aid. If you are applying for financial aid, you must also submit the two teacher recommendation forms (see below).

If you also are applying to Northfield Mount Hermon for the academic year and have already submitted teacher recommendations and transcripts, only the NMH Summer Session online application, the application fee, and your ID photo are required. Check the appropriate box on page one of your Summer Session application, and we will obtain copies of your recommendations and transcripts (and aid forms, if you are applying for financial aid) from NMH’s academic-year admission office.

If you currently attend Northfield Mount Hermon, only the online application and the application fee are required. We will get a copy of your transcript as soon as we receive your application, and you do not need teacher recommendations or an ID photo. If you currently receive financial aid for the school year, we will get the information we need from your academic-year financial aid form.

Teacher Recommendation Forms A and B: Download the teacher recommendation forms from the Action Items page of the online application, and email each form to the appropriate teacher. Form A must be completed by your current English teacher. Form B is to be completed by any other current teacher, with one exception—if you are applying for a Summer Session math course, Form B must be from your current math teacher. Your teachers should email the forms directly to us.

UPLOADS: The following items can be uploaded to your online application before you press the Submit button. After you press Submit, if you wish to send us documents or make any changes to the information on your application, email them to us at Do not create another 2019 online application because this creates a problem with our online application system.

Report Card/Transcript: Your latest report card or transcript, including your most recent grades for this school year (2018-2019). If final grades are not available, midterm grades may be sent. International students: If your transcript is not in English, a translation must be included with your official transcript. 

ID Photo: Front view of your face—head and shoulders only, not too far away, no hat or sunglasses. A cell phone photo is fine, as long as it is very clear. This will be used to create an ID card for enrolled students.

International Students: If you have a U.S. visa, send us a copy of the visa page of your passport. If you do not have a U.S. visa, send us a copy of the photo page of your passport.

International Students: If you are applying for College Prep or Rising Scholars courses, send us a copy of a graded essay of at least 450 words that you wrote this school year for your English class. Your name and your teacher's corrections and comments must be included on the essay.

You must also submit a short 3 min video explaining why you would like to attend NMHSS. If you are applying for English for Speakers of Other Languages, the essay and video are not required. 

You can also see the above information by clicking the Instructions button, upper right corner of each page of the online application.

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