The CMAP feature of NMH was a big draw for me. That stands for College Model Academic Program, and it allows you to immerse yourself in a subject. You take three major courses each semester and are in each class for 80 minutes. You can double up on what you’re passionate about and form strong relationships with faculty. You get the foundation here, and then you run with it. This past summer,
 I did a research internship in a medicinal chemistry lab at Boston University, and 
I was ready.

A whole other dimension for me at NMH has been about becoming a sort of teacher myself. As a Resident Leader, and somebody who is seen as being good at math and science, I get a lot of knocks on my door. I enjoy being that go-to person and helping my friends, and it’s given 
me a whole other kind of respect for my teachers. I may even go into teaching myself one day.

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