Weekend Activities

Life at Northfield Mount Hermon is incredibly busy and weekends are no exception.

The Student Activities Office may be offering a movie, dance, or air hockey tournament. There may also be something bigger planned, like a hypnotist, video game night, or an after-hours bowling trip. Or you can just get together with your friends in the Blake Student Center and play ping-pong or pool while enjoying food from the snack bar.

Of course, there are big campus-wide events, too. There might be a play, dance performance, or music recital at the Rhodes Arts Center. Maybe the Hoggers are playing...basketball, soccer, or hockey? Or one of the major events at NMH is happening, like Dwight Night, a special dinner and dance, or Hogger Fair, an outdoor festival with music, food, and games.

Maybe you want to get off campus for a while? There are organized trips to the Ingleside Mall, Cinemark, and Hadley Mall, dances at other boarding schools, and more. It could be a big thing, with your entire dorm or class getting into the act, or just you and a friend hopping on the NMH activity vehicle to go into Greenfield to shop or have dinner out.

Once in a while, we have what we call closed weekends, during which you stay on campus. Maybe it’s to cool things down for some quiet study (before finals!) or maybe it’s for one of our big all-school celebrations like Founder’s Day Weekend.

No matter what’s going on over the weekend, it’s bound to be fun and interesting! Check this sample schedule.