Sacred Concert

Alumni, parents, families, and friends are welcome to join us for the 125th Concert of Sacred Music.

Sunday, May 5, 2019
2:30 pm
Northfield Auditorium

The first Concert of Sacred Music took place in May 1895, when the students of Northfield and Mount Hermon presented a concert of gospel hymns for school founder D.L. Moody. Sacred Concert is held each spring in the Northfield Auditorium. School choirs are joined by the orchestra and the alumni who return year after year to rekindle the enthusiasm of their singing years at NMH.

There are no tickets or advance reservations required to attend Sacred Concert.

Are you interested in singing in Sacred Concert?

Any member of the NMH community is invited to perform. Even if you have not sung in a choir since you were a student, Sheila Heffernon's vocal warm-ups are carefully planned and coached in a way that will help you find your voice again.

Prefer to play an instrument?

The NMH Symphony Orchestra and Steve Bathory-Peeler welcome community members as well!

Register now!

Directions to the Northfield Auditorium

  • From I-91N - take exit 28A toward Rt-10.
  • From 1-91S - take exit 28 toward Rt-10.
  • Follow Rt-10 toward Northfield for four miles. (You will drive past the NMH campus along the way.)
  • Turn left onto Rt-63 into Northfield. Stay on Rt-63 for two miles.
  • Turn right onto Moody Street.
  • Turn left onto Winchester Street.
  • Follow the signs saying Auditorium.

Information for Prospective Performers

Registration and Housing

Register now!

Musicians $70
Young Alumni musicians (2004-2018) $35
Guest of musician $70

Your registration fee includes meals served in Alumni Hall on the NMH campus, and music mailed to your home.

need a place to stay for the weekend? consider staying at the inn at crumpin~fox.

NMH has a block of rooms held for Musicians' Weekend at the nearby Inn at Crumpin~Fox that are available at a first-come-first-served basis.

Rooms have two double beds and are $149 plus tax. Contact the Inn by calling 413-648-9131.

Music and rehearsals

Music will be mailed in early April. Find links to 2019 Sacred Concert music files here

Friday, May 3, 7 - 10 pm
Saturday, May 4, 8:45 am - noon and 1:30 - 5 pm
Sunday dress rehearsal, May 5, 8:45 am - noon

Busses will be available to transport you from the NMH campus to the Northfield Auditorium for rehearsals, and returning to NMH following rehearsals.

If you have a conflict with a rehearsal time, please let Sheila Heffernon know.

Staying for the weekend

You will need to make arrangements for transportation to the NMH campus and housing for the weekend. Meals are served in Alumni Hall on the NMH campus.

NMH has a block of rooms held for Musicians' Weekend at the nearby Inn at Crumpin~Fox that are available at a first-come-first-served basis. Contact the Inn by calling 413-648-9131.

Need a ride? Have room for a passenger? Sign up on the Musicians' Weekend ride-sharing board.

While much of the weekend is spent rehearsing and performing, there is a special Musicians' Dinner on Saturday, May 4.

Bringing a guest

Registered guests are invited to all meals in Alumni Hall and the special Musicians' Dinner and social gathering that follows, and are encouraged to visit the NMH Farm.

There are also beautiful hiking trails right on campus. If your guest enjoys sporting events, check the athletics calendar. They can cheer on some of the NMH athletic teams on Saturday afternoon.

Some local attractions include:

Contact us

Still have questions about performing or would like additional information?

For music-related questions, email Sheila Heffernon or call 413-498-3341.

For registration and general weekend questions, email the NMH event staff or call 413-498-3600.

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