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Sacred Concert

On Sunday, May 3, the Northfield Mount Hermon choirs, orchestras, and concert band would have presented the 126th annual Sacred Concert. Instead, the Northfield Auditorium will remain silent, as will concert halls and performing venues all over the world. But we can still share music together.

We will miss you.

From Sheila Heffernon, director of music and choral programs, and Steve Bathory-Peeler, director of the orchestra and concert band: We are heartened to share the 2016 Sacred Concert with its theme of “How We Pray” and music that includes prayers from many traditions, religions, and cultures. We hope you’ll find solace and connection through this concert’s rich tapestry of sacred words that communicate our human desires of freedom, faith, connection to nature, peace, and hope. Please enjoy...


History of Sacred Concert

The first Concert of Sacred Music took place in May 1895, when the students of Northfield and Mount Hermon presented a concert of gospel hymns for school founder D.L. Moody. Sacred Concert is held each spring in the Northfield Auditorium. School choirs are joined by the orchestra and the alumni who return year after year to rekindle the enthusiasm of their singing years at NMH.

Learn more: see the video, NMH Traditions: Sacred Concert


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