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Founder's Day

Bronze sculpture bust of D.L. Moody, founder of NMHIn early February, NMH honors its founder, D.L. Moody, who was born on February 5, 1837.

Each year on Founder’s Day, he is remembered with a special school meeting as well as a birthday dinner.

A giant one-tined fork is passed from seniors to juniors. The fork has symbolic significance to NMH: It is reported that at an early commencement, a speaker stated that anyone could eat soup with a spoon, but it took a real person to eat soup with a one-tined fork. Moody was so taken with the image that he declared, “Whatever else you forget, remember that forever.”

Over the years, seniors presenting the fork to juniors have interpreted the meaning of the one-tined fork differently, but everyone agrees that it represents a can-do attitude.