I am looking for a computer for my child to use at NMH. What computers are compatible with the NMH network?

Fortunately, most computers purchased today are compatible with the NMH network.

To order a computer compatible with the NMH network, click here.

For more information about minimum specifications, click here.

Do I need to prepare my computer before bringing it to NMH?

Computers connecting to the NMH campus network must be registered before gaining access. You are required to have active and updated anti-virus protection software installed. Usually problems can be avoided if your computer has all the necessary critical updates installed:

  • For Windows PCs, go to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com and install Critical Updates.
  • For Apple Macintosh computers, select "Software Update..." from the Apple Menu.
  • For longer-term computer health and for better support, you must maintain functioning and up-to-date virus protection software as well as the restore media provided by your manufacturer. Some computers do not come with restore media but will allow you to create it during your initial set-up. We encourage you to do this.

    NMH finds that "Security Suite" software (software that includes a firewall, "zone" protection, and anti-virus software all-in-one) will often conflict with our network services and can make connections difficult. "Security Suite" should be disabled or uninstalled. Built-in OS (Operating System) firewalls and basic virus protection software are adequate.

    What support is available on campus?

    A staff of experienced technicians is available to help resolve technical problems. In addition, NMH technicians assist students in securing warranty repairs. Upper Modular, Room 103, is staffed Monday through Friday for walk-up computer service. Should your computer require repair (or warranty repair) beyond what NMH can provide, we can work with you to secure repair through either the computer manufacturer or an off-site repair vendor.

    NOTE: In the event that your computer needs to be "re-imaged," you must be able to provide the restore media supplied by your vendor or manufacturer.

    How does the technology work?

  • Students have personalized access to a variety of software tools, information resources, personal documents, email, and campus news.
  • Students must have exclusive access to a computer in their dormitory room or at home. The library is equipped with permanently installed computers that will connect to the NMH network.
  • What does the technology fee support?

    The technology fee supports the systems needed to deliver the technology resources, the school's Internet connection, and technical support.

    Will I be given an email address?

    Students receive network accounts (including an email account) on the NMH systems before they arrive on campus.

    The email addresses of faculty members and students are as follows: <login name>@nmhschool.org. For example: dmoody@nmhschool.org.