Computer Compatibility

Compatible Computers

Click here to order a GovConnection computer that is compatible with the NMH network and offered at a discounted price.

How will I know if a computer is compatible with the NMH network?

The news is good: nearly all computers sold today, and within the past several years, will work well on the NMH network. NMH's network uses the same kinds of connections that home broadband networks do, so any computer designed for that environment should work well here. NMH supplies network connections to its student dorms, classrooms, and library. Computers must meet certain basic specifications to be compatible with the network. Most computers from electronics and office-supply stores will be sufficient. We recommend a Windows or Apple laptop with these minimum specifications:

  • 2GHz Intel or AMD processor
  • 4 gigabytes of RAM minimum
  • 80 gigabyte hard drive
  • Wired 10/100-baseT Ethernet adapter or better
  • Windows 7 or higher or Mac OS 10.8 or higher

  • Wireless

    Wireless networks exist in all academic and residential buildings.

    Gretel Schatz

    I want dance students to engage their own memory and intellect.

    Becca Malloy

    Science isn't just talk, but it certainly helps.

    Mary Hefner

    I love teaching AP Bio. The kids are highly motivated.

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    This past summer, I increased my awareness of my identity by reconnecting with my native country, Ethiopia.


    “I don’t think I would be anywhere near the person I am today if it wasn’t for NMH. It’s enlightened me about so many different things, and I’ve met people from everywhere you can imagine.”


    In my old school, I never saw myself as someone who could be a Division I player one day. Now I can.


    "One of my biggest influences has been my math teacher. He built this love of math in me—specifically, the idea that math can be used to interpret the world." 


    "The fact that everything is here at my fingertips has really helped me grow."


    "Almost all of our classes are conversation-based, which means that you're totally engaged in classroom discussion."


    "I enjoy helping my friends, and it's given me a new respect for teachers. I may even go into teaching myself one day."


    "In VOTES, I learned how to prepare and present—skills I drew on in Washington."


     "This year, I'm field hockey captain. I enjoy giving advice and support."


    “I like that you can start completely new things. You can reinvent yourself.”


    Dance has taken this creative learner on an artistic journey. 

    Xiaoxian (Lily)

     “My teachers told me to use my own voice, and they pushed me to think about what I really believed in.”


    "The curriculum here is hard, but it’s the right amount of hard."


    “The academics are extremely rigorous, but because of the way teachers present things, it’s like, ‘I have school today!’”


    “The learning you can do in a study-abroad program can outweigh anything else you can do even at a school like this.” 


    “NMH encouraged me to explore new things, try everything, and see what’s best for me.”


    “You’ll always find a place here as long as you just be yourself.”


    “There is a community here that cares about you.”

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