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Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice

Martha Neubert, dean of diversity, equity, and social justice.I'm Martha Neubert, dean of equity and social justice. I am a member of NMH’s senior leadership team and my work here in the Office of Multicultural Affairs focuses on social justice initiatives and promoting an inclusive campus culture.

Being inclusive is one of Northfield Mount Hermon’s founding principles and distinct traditions. In addition to local students, women, people of color, and international students were some of the school’s earliest graduates. They are among the thousands of diverse alumni who have become engaged contributors and global citizens.

Even back in D.L. Moody’s day, diversity was more than skin-deep. It was, and remains, a marker of our collective strength. It is, simply put, who we are.

We want to engage the NMH community in learning how to navigate differences — and similarities — because we know the lessons therein drive collaboration, deepen understanding, and generate innovation.

Our emphasis on multiculturalism and commitment to equity is evident not only in our diverse community but also in our curriculum. My role is to aid faculty in examining what and how they teach, and to help ensure that all our students learn about others while also seeing themselves reflected in the school's curriculum.

Above all, we want to value the authenticity of each NMH student. Grappling with one’s place in a pluralistic global community is more than critical — it is essential.

In keeping with our school’s mission to empower students to “act with humanity and purpose,” we are excited to invite you to be a contributor to Northfield Mount Hermon, and, by extension, the world.