Clubs and Organizations

Maybe you want to send a weather balloon into space, or bake cupcakes, or play the piano. Maybe you're a singer, or concerned with animal welfare, or interested in sports journalism. Or maybe you want to explore your spiritual side, be it Muslim, Catholic, or Jewish. There are clubs and organizations doing all of those things at Northfield Mount Hermon. Our annual Activities Fair offers almost as many intriguing choices as our course catalog.

Not only are student clubs a great way to pursue an interest you already have, they’re a great way to try something totally new with people who want to see you succeed. Maybe you've never spoken a single word into a microphone; you'll get all the training you need to work at the NMH radio station. Or theater may be completely alien to you, but we'll find you the perfect role, onstage or behind the scenes. And anybody can run for Student Congress.
NMH faculty get involved, too; they're enthusiastic, supportive collaborators with most clubs. And even if you take a leap and start your own group, you'll be sure to find other students ready to join you.
See a list of current student clubs, affinity groups, and other organizations.  For student groups listed by category, see the left-hand column.