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Student Life

Students in fun boat race, wearing costumes

What you do at Northfield Mount Hermon is up to you.

If you’re like most of our students, you’ll find that the best way to balance our high-intensity academics is by embracing all sorts of other experiences — from joining a sports team to acting in a play to running a student club to volunteering on or off campus.

It all adds up to a busy schedule, but we like to take the big-picture view. Our students are experiencing a holistic, down-to-earth journey of self-discovery. It all unfolds in a dynamic and compassionate community.

Exploring Student Life

Whether you are a day student or a boarder, life at this private high school in Massachusetts is anything but ordinary. Our extensive roster of weekend activities, volunteer opportunities, and spiritual and wellness resources means there is something for everyone. 

Most of our students stay busy. How could they not? We’ve got 68 interscholastic sports teams, dozens of student-run events (from poetry slams to a cappella concerts), and tons of opportunities for community service. Added bonus? We have our own working farm, complete with oxen, horses, a cider house, a sugarhouse, even a student-built greenhouse.

Extraordinary Support System

Don’t think for a second that you’ll go it alone. Our Partnership of 12 ensures that at least a dozen adults — advisors, teachers, coaches, dorm faculty — have your back. They’re your own personal support network, helping you figure out and work toward your individual goals. 

Taking on Important Issues

We take on community and global issues in our biweekly Student Life Seminars — small-group conversations about health and wellness, diversity and social justice, and other important topics that rise to the surface.

Join the Club

With more than 100 co-curricular and extracurricular activities to choose from, you’re sure to find lots of ways to get involved. Leadership activities, community affinity groups, service-learning activities, and arts-focused opportunities abound. And more than 200 students volunteer on and off campus in a typical semester.

Make Yourself at Home

Your home base and social hub — for day students and boarders alike — is the dorm. And the dorms really do feel like home (comfy couches, TV lounges, kitchens, outdoor spaces). They’re where you’ll study, relax, and find your advisor hanging out after dinner.

You’ll be surrounded by new friends from across the country and around the world. Day students are affiliated with dorms, too, so they can experience the camaraderie of parties and study groups and even sleeping over on weekend nights when there’s too much fun stuff going on to go home.

Food, Glorious Food (Really!)

If that advisor turns out to be the cookie-baking type, then lucky you. But rest assured, the dining hall at NMH is something special. Whether it’s stir-fry, the Banh Mi and burrito bars, or on-demand soft-serve ice cream, the food is always delicious and inventive. It’s a good thing the dining hall is open almost all day for grazing! (View the weekly menu here.) 

We want you to live a fun, healthy, productive life at NMH. Check out details about our weekend activities, volunteer gigs, spiritual-life opportunities, and wellness resources.

Busy Weekends

Movie nights (outdoors when the weather's good)

Dances (both casual and formal)

Intramurals (nothing serious — Capture the Flag and Dodgeball)

Open Gym

Campus shuttles to local malls, movie theaters, and restaurants

Supervised outings: rock-climbing gyms, paintball, whitewater rafting

Visiting stand-up comedians and hypnotists