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NMH Farm

On our sustainably run farm, you’ll have lots of opportunities for hands-on learning experiences — even helping produce some of the food you’ll eat in the dining hall.

An important part of school life since the very beginning, NMH’s farm serves as a classroom, an example of our commitment to sustainability, and even a source of fresh food served in Alumni Hall. Largely powered by draft animals, the farm is pesticide-free and uses organic growing practices. 

The farm is integrated into academics through our multidisciplinary, hands-on farming curriculum, in which you can dive into the science, culture, and practicalities of making the food we eat. You might immerse yourself in the Farm Semester Program, which draws on literature, biology, and chemistry as you engage in a close observation of landscape and explore essential questions guiding society towards a sustainable future.

The farm is also an opportunity for students to engage in the important work of growing food. You might do your workjob at the farm, harvesting vegetables for our dining hall, caring for the animals, pressing apples for cider, cleaning horse stalls, cutting wood, or building fences. Or maybe you’ll join in a spring break sugaring operation, helping collect and boil sap to make maple syrup.

Fun Facts about the NMH Farm

The farm includes a student-built greenhouse, a sugar house, and a cider house.

Thirty students work on the farm each term.

Each year, 20,000 gallons of sap are collected to make approximately 500 gallons of maple syrup.

All farm-grown vegetables go to the NMH dining hall — any surplus is donated to local community organizations. 

All the compost used is generated right here on the farm.


Farm Store

Want to taste maple syrup and other products made right here on campus? Visit our mail-order Farm Store.