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We believe learning and growth require genuine service to others – and at Northfield Mount Hermon, service demands respect, compassion, and empathy. 


Supporting One Another, Serving Humanity 

Here, the process of doing the hard work and bringing one’s full self to the task is just as important as the outcome and is part of a journey of self-discovery. 

As students recognize the significance of service and leadership within their everyday experience, they become hands-on problem solvers, compassionate thinkers, and effective communicators, gaining a deeper understanding of how individual and collective efforts can transform communities and change the world.

NMH Service in Action

The NMH community is made up of individuals who are committed to being meaningful contributors rather than mere consumers. It’s a way of life that we believe will impact students far beyond their time on our campus. 



All NMH students commit to a three-hour-per-week “workjob,” a tradition vital to our school’s community and operation that includes preparing meals, giving campus tours, maintaining the campus farm, and other essential tasks.

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Our commitment to sustainability is multi-faceted, permeating our campus and curriculum to inspire students to work collaboratively as active stewards of our shared environmental, economic, and human resources.

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