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Ella is a world-class rower, but at NMH, she’s able to pursue a range of other passions, too, from film to fiber arts to Circle of Sisters, an affinity group for girls of color.

Read Ella’s story.


Alex — a soccer player, skier, photographer, tour guide, radio host, and tutor — is motivated by a desire to connect with and contribute to the NMH community.

Read Alex’s story.

Student leaders


While NMH is far from her home in Nigeria, Oma found that the school’s welcoming atmosphere and opportunities for connection helped ease the adjustment.

Read Oma’s story.


Editor of NMH’s student newspaper, The Lamplighter, Tory wants to use journalism to amplify unheard voices and shed light on overlooked stories, including debunking myths about homelessness.

Read Tory’s story.

Deshayne Curley


Back home in New Mexico, Deshayne was used to being like most everyone else, a Navajo resident of a small community, at a small school. NMH has opened up new experiences and opportunities for him.

Read Deshayne’s story.


Michael’s passions include jazz and economics, peer education and interfaith activities. The common thread: his desire to keep learning and to be the best he can be.

Read Michael’s story.


From the moment she first toured campus, Anisha felt a sense of community and connection at NMH — from clubs to the classroom to the communal space of the dining hall.

Read Anisha’s story.


A competitive skier and field hockey player, Sage is also an Ecoleader, working on sustainability efforts on campus and beyond. To her, being involved is part of the NMH culture.

Read Sage’s story.

Sophia '23


At NMH, Sofia has been able to pursue her passions, from music to athletics to academics, without feeling like any one interest has to take a back seat to others.

Read Sofia’s story.

Sasha '23


Sasha plans to major in environmental engineering in college, with a focus on renewable energy, and wants to work on building sustainable communities.

Read Sasha's story.

Meena 2023


At NMH, Meena has been able to pursue multiple interests deeply, from accelerating her math study to serving as a campus Ecoleader to taking part in honors jazz combo and honors ballet.

Read Meena's story.

Nick 2023


While sports has been an important part of Nick’s NMH experience, he says, he appreciates that he’s had opportunities to explore other passions, too.

Read Nick's story.



Alejandra has tried out a number of new things at NMH, from performing in the spring musical to organizing a student entrepreneurship fair.

Read Alejandra's story.

Efe class of 2023


Efe is proud of the confidence and leadership skills he’s developed at NMH, which have helped him in his role as a dorm resident leader.

Read Efe's story.

Angus '23


Angus won the top prize in the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair for designing an artificial lead that can generate oxygen and electricity.

Read Angus's story.