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At Northfield Mount Hermon, we believe an education for the head, heart, and hands inspires learning for life.  


A Purposeful Foundation  

NMH students strive for excellence within an academic culture that values participatory, experiential learning; deep exploration; and multi-disciplinary connections. 

Here, we challenge each other to be curious, to think critically, to recognize and confront biases, and to pursue the best version of ourselves within a holistic teaching and learning culture defined by:



  • An academic and campus life curriculum that allows students to take charge of their own education and acquire critical literacies and competencies 
  • Dynamic student life activities and volunteer opportunities that broaden student perspectives
  • Transformative experiences through workjob, social justice programs, global study journeys, and sustainability projects
  • Spiritual development within religious traditions, the varied experiences of the diverse student community, and the natural world surrounding our campus 
  • Egalitarian ideals (honesty, civility, hopefulness, curiosity, and tenacity) and values (excellence, respect, integrity, persistence, creativity, and teamwork)

As students become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners, they recognize how their individual skills and actions serve the greater good.

This is a place where creativity and intellectual curiosity flourish, hard work is rewarded, and students graduate understanding the importance of their contributions, both in their own communities and out in the larger world.