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Living and learning in a community that respects and embraces differing perspectives prepares students to go forth and make positive change in the world.

A bedrock of our community and curriculum

At Northfield Mount Hermon, we embrace the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas of our community members and seek to create a culture where all members feel welcomed, accepted, and supported. 

By encouraging students to grapple with their roles as global citizens, we hope to empower them to develop their unique selves and talents and to act with humanity. Because we value building an intentionally inclusive learning environment, our students are better equipped to empathize, listen, serve, and lead.

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Domestic students of color


This commitment to inclusivity is not a new endeavor at NMH — it was one of the principles on which the school was founded in 1879. 


Women, people of color, and international students were some of the school’s earliest graduates and are among the thousands of diverse alumni who have become engaged contributors and global citizens. 

Today, students explore and celebrate diverse identities around race, ethnicity, religion, sexual and gender identity, and nationality through activism, student organizations, coursework, affinity groups, and special events and programs. They learn how to navigate differences and similarities and value the authenticity of each NMH student.



Our hope is that every NMH student practices inclusivity in order to drive collaboration, deepen understanding, and generate the innovative approaches to problem-solving that will shape our collective future.