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Why We Are

Education for the head, heart, and hand

Students have the potential to make the world more equitable and just. But first, they need to listen, question, explore, and understand it. 

They need to seek out truths in knowledge. They need to connect with differing perspectives and experiences in deep and meaningful ways. They need to channel their unique talents into pursuits that inspire and advance their own communities and the larger world. They need to do the hard work to implement change in service to humanity.

They need to find purpose in their potential. 


Guided by our mission and values, we support and empower students to develop a sense of self and service as they:


Learn With PassioN

NMH students strive for excellence within an academic culture that values participatory, experiential learning; deep exploration; and multi-disciplinary connections. As students become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners, they recognize how their individual skills and actions serve the greater good.

Act With Humanity

In our diverse learning community, every student gains a sense of belonging while building cultural literacy and compassion. Students recognize the importance of being innovative and multidimensional in their approach to problem-solving, while understanding how every action, big or small, has an extraordinary impact on themselves, others, and our planet.

LeaD With Intention

At NMH, students become their full selves, embracing our stimulating, challenging educational experience because they are empowered and supported throughout the journey. In turn, they become leaders whose ideas and creativity make a lasting mark on our school community and beyond.






Coming to this school has given me a lot of leadership opportunities and a better passion for school and learning. I think people are drawn to NMH who want to be here and want to learn. 

Ella, Class of 2023

In our inclusive, global community, we empower students to learn with passion, act with humanity, and lead with intention as they develop this sense of self and service.

This purposeful approach to education is how we engage the head, heart, and hand of each student and help deepen their intellect, expand their compassion, and believe in their own capacity to make a valuable difference.

It’s how we develop lifelong learners prepared to serve the greater good