Parent Resource Guide

This guide supplements information on the NMH website and other documents.

We hope it will help you get to know NMH and enjoy fully the amazing experience of this school.

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Who Can Answer My Questions?

Who Can Answer My Questions?

NMH welcomes your questions and comments. Feel free to contact any teacher, staff member, or administrator.

In addition to the web links to important phone numbers and the online employee directory, we distribute a list of key contacts during orientation and registration. At fall Family Days, we distribute a paper copy of the campus directory, which has contact information for offices, programs, buildings, faculty, staff, and students. Contacts you’re most likely to use are also detailed below.

The Dean of Students’ Office: Contact this office with questions about vacations/breaks, transportation/travel, activities, attendance, permissions, discipline, and student supports. Administrative assistants Tracey Rogers (413-498-3423) and Sherri Haughey (413-498-3252) are available during school hours and have direct access to the associate deans and dean of students. After school hours, you can call the duty dean at 413-498-3326.

Advisors: Your student’s advisor is the primary point of contact regarding his or her day-to-day well-being. Advisors are student advocates and provide advice and support. Throughout the school year, students meet weekly with their advisors about matters including long-range planning and course selection. You will learn who your student’s advisor is at the end of the summer, during registration. In the meantime, if you have questions about advising, contact Director of Advising Diane Arena, 413-498-3085.

Dormitory Contacts: Each dormitory has a duty phone that is answered from 7 to 11 pm. Use this dormitory duty phone number list to look up the number for your student’s dorm. Each residence also has a dormitory head who oversees the dormitory and faculty dorm team. Dorm heads’ phone numbers are listed in the online directory; just sort on dorm heads.

If you’re not sure who can answer your question, the director of parent resources will be happy to answer your question or connect you with someone who can: Contact Julia Farmer at 413-498-3685.

Keeping Informed

NMH Website
The website provides a wealth of information. We encourage you to take some time and explore the website to become more familiar with the NMH community. You will find that most of the information you need is available on our website.

You’ll find many useful navigation links in the banner across the top, more links in the space below the banner, and other important links at the very bottom of each page.

Parents Web Section
The Parents section of the website includes contact information, schedules and calendars, travel and break information, back-to-school information, policies and procedures, parent events and involvement, bill payment, access to NMH Online, information for day-students’ families, and the Parent Update e-newsletter.

ePayment Portal
The NMH ePayment Portal is an easy, secure online payment system. It’s a convenient method for you to pay for tuition and related fees, as well as to add funds to your student’s NMH card.

Athletics Information
All athletic events are listed on this athletic calendar. You can subscribe to specific team calendars using these directions.

Within the athletics web page, you can select the team you are interested in from the left hand navigation to find game results, team rosters, schedules, and coaches information.

School Calendars
The website offers two general calendars: a printable school calendar giving an overview of the entire academic year, and a monthly calendar that provides day-to-day event details. Note: you can download items from the monthly calendar to your personal calendar using these directions.

Employee, Student, and Family Directories
NMH has three sources of directory information. The employee directory is found in the footer of each web page. It contains photos and contact information, organized by department.

Within NMH Online, there is a password-protected Campus Directory with contact information on parents and students. This directory helps NMH family members contact one another regarding travel planning for their students, overnights, carpooling, athletics team support, etc. While we encourage all families to participate in the directory, you may opt out of it completely, or decline to provide specific information. Follow this link for more information and instructions on using the directory and setting your user preferences.

We also have a printed directory with photos and contact information for students, faculty, and staff. It also lists emergency and frequently called numbers, and academic department information. We distribute these directories at fall Family Days.

Parent Update E-Newsletter
The Parent Update is a biweekly newsletter emailed to parents and faculty that provides school news and announcements about programs, people, activities, and events. Back issues from the current school year are archived on the website.

NMH Social Media
NMH has an active social media presence. Check out our photos on Flickr and Instagram, send us a Tweet, and leave a comment for us on Facebook. Our Flickr photo galleries document many campus events, so you may catch a photo of your child in one of them.

News and Events
The NMH news and events web section has links to feature news stories, aggregated social media posts, live-streamed and archived videos, etc.

Interactive Campus Map
The interactive campus map lets you find and see images of campus locations, and includes three virtual tours of NMH.

Curriculum Guide
The curriculum guide, updated annually, offers general and specific information about NMH’s academic program, departments, courses, graduation requirements, and academic assessment.

NMH Rules and Policies Handbook
All families and students should read through the handbook. It provides important information about community standards, school policies, academic expectations, residential-life protocols, attendance, grades, academic integrity, workjob, evening protocols, dorm life, and much more. Each year, students must agree in writing to comply with the policies outlined in the handbook.

The Bridge
One of two student-run publications on campus, this newspaper prints news and features about life on campus and beyond. It comes out electronically once every three weeks and can be subscribed to online.

The Hermonite
This student-run magazine publishes similar content to The Bridge (the two publications maintain a friendly rivalry) and is available only on campus.

NMH Magazine
The CASE gold award-winning magazine is sent each spring and fall to all parents, alumni, and friends of the school. It covers notable institutional news and events, as well as articles about the achievements of alumni, students, faculty, and staff. You can also read it online.

This arts and literary magazine is published annually by NMH’s visual arts department. This is an opportunity for student writers, poets, painters, composers, lyricists, translators, photographers, and artists to share their work with the broader school community. View the most recent issue online.

Grades and Progress Reports

Grades and teachers’ comments for all credit-bearing courses are available through NMH Online for students and parents at mid-semester and at the end of each semester. Grades for cocurricular courses — including the ninth-grade health seminar and the 10th-grade diversity and social justice seminar, workjob, and athletics — are available at the end of each term. Advisors’ comments for fall semester are available in late November and advisors’ comments for spring semester are available at the end of the academic year.

You can view your student’s grades for the current semester or term at NMH Online. Follow this link for instructions. Students are given a letter grade and an effort grade, and teachers provide narrative feedback. Please note that once a new semester or term comments are published, you can’t view the prior period’s comments. (Some families like to print and keep each period’s comments.)

The Office of the Registrar keeps a record of all final grades and produces the student’s transcript. The ninth and 10th grade health and diversity seminars appear on the transcript but do not count toward the GPA. Activities and PE/athletics are on the second page of the transcript and also don’t count in the GPA. Grades earned at schools other than NMH are not included in the NMH GPA or displayed on the NMH transcript.

If you have questions about grades and progress reports, please contact the Academic Office by email or phone at 413-498-3111. The Curriculum Guide is another excellent source of information regarding grades.



Every NMH program involves adults who support participating students. Through group meetings, informal conversations, and a campus network of collaborative adults, the school maintains a high level of engagement with and care for students.

Each student has an advisor whose responsibility it is to know and nurture his or her advisees. Advisors oversee the formal element of the advising program: weekly meetings between students and advisors that follow a curriculum to support goal-setting, self-evaluation, course selection, and other topics. The advisor is familiar with all aspects of a student’s life, in and out of the classroom. This relationship offers the student an interested, informed, and trusted adult who can help the student make choices, examine beliefs and values, navigate difficulties, enjoy successes, and grow as an individual throughout his or her NMH career.

Advisors have direct responsibility for some five to seven students in the same dormitory. In addition to scheduled weekly meetings, advisors see their advisees informally throughout the week when they are on dorm duty or as they are passing through the dorm. Students are assigned a freshman advisor connected with the ninth-grade dormitory. When students select their 10th–12th grade dorm, they are assigned a new advisor with whom they generally stay until they graduate.

Parents should think of the advisor as their point person, the primary liaison with the school regarding their student. During the first few weeks of school, your student’s advisor will contact you to introduce him/herself, describe your student’s initial adjustment, and discuss the best way for you to communicate with each other throughout the year. During Family Days, we encourage parents to schedule time with their student’s advisor in addition to conferences with classroom teachers. You should feel free to contact the advisor with questions of any nature. You may also contact the director of advising, Diane Arena.

Health and Wellness

Student health services are an integral part of school life. The O’Connor Health and Wellness Center’s health care professionals provide comprehensive medical and counseling services to students 24 hours a day. For details, please see the website’s health and wellness section, especially the FAQ on the medical services page.

Campus Safety

Our students and faculty abide by a well-established set of community standards, which are spelled out in the student handbook and frequently discussed in dormitory and advisory-group meetings. Every rule and expectation exists to ensure safety and a sense of well-being, and we have zero tolerance for any behavior that could be perceived as a threat. You can find details on safety systems and communication protocol online.

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