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Parent Giving

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Parent Giving

December 2017

A message from the parent-giving chairs:

Education has been the foundation of achievement and fulfillment for our family. As first-generation college graduates who met in graduate school, we recognize that our education opened doors to us, and that our success is really a reflection of the hard work of dedicated teachers, who not only taught us “the facts” but also inspired in us a sense of risk-taking and exploration.

The key to success is in building curiosity, exercising intellectual perseverance, and developing ethical strength. We believe that NMH does just that. Over the past three years, we have watched our daughter, Sogee ’19, and her friends and classmates embody the values of NMH and — guided by strong and energetic teachers and mentors — develop positive actions, attitudes, and aspirations.

As proud chairs of parent giving at NMH, we are writing to ask for your financial support. In the course of NMH’s long history, parents have come to play an important role in funding the school. Along with alumni and friends of NMH, parents contribute generously to the NMH Fund, which helps pay for a variety of programs and supplies, including science lab equipment, sheet music, fresh produce, and athletic uniforms. In addition, the NMH Fund supports innovation, faculty development, and even facilities maintenance. It has a powerful influence on the day-to-day lives of our kids.

As you may know, tuition falls far short of covering the cost of an NMH education. Why not raise tuition to cover that cost? If tuition were raised, many bright current students from a variety of economic backgrounds would not be able to attend the school. These students bring a wealth of perspectives and cultures into the classrooms, dorms, art studios, and onto the stage and playing fields. The NMH experience is richer because of them, and the NMH Fund helps to provide the resources they need.

Please join us in raising the level of parent giving to the NMH Fund. Think of your gift as a vote of confidence in that inspirational science teacher, that upperclassman who made your child feel welcome, and that workjob supervisor who used a blend of humor and discipline to give your child a positive work experience. This is not just another donation; this is an opportunity to help create a rich experience for your child and for every student at NMH, now and into the future.

Thank you for your generous support of and investment in NMH.

Ann Laquerre and David Franklin

Ann Laquerre and David Franklin
Parents of Sophia “Sogee” Franklin ’19


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