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International Student Services and Support

NMH may be far from your home, but you’ll always have someone to turn to for advice and help when you need it.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) provides programs and services that aim to meet the needs of our international students and their families. We provide international students in F-1 status immigration advising and support, conduct an orientation for new international students at the beginning of the school year, support students through our Global Ambassador program and student affinity groups, and communicate regularly with our students and their families.

OMA staff are your advocates in the NMH community and and will help you connect with whatever NMH resources you need.

New International Student Orientation

Each year, OMA coordinates an orientation program designed for new incoming international students. It lets you meet other new international students and become familiar with the NMH campus and culture before the other students arrive. Your parents/guardians have their own orientation program to help them become better acquainted with NMH and to share important information.

New international student orientation is required for all new international students who have F-1 status, and is open to other new students who identify as being an international student, such as students with U.S. citizenship who live outside the United States, students with dual citizenship, students who have a green card or who are permanent U.S. residents, and students studying in the country on other visa categories.

You will receive details about orientation the summer before you arrive at NMH.

Immigration Advising

OMA staff will advise you on immigration matters throughout your time at NMH. International students in F-1 status are responsible for maintaining their status, so we will meet with you individually and provide workshops to educate you about the particular rights and responsibilities related to your visa status.

The OMA also encourages you to visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Study in the States website, which offers free government resources that explain the rules and regulations governing the international student process in the United States.

Global Ambassadors Program

The Global Ambassador Program provides students with a leadership opportunity to support the school’s commitment to a globalized community and curriculum. A new group of students is chosen each spring to be Global Ambassadors. They collaborate with OMA staff in programming, raising awareness about international issues, and increasing global understanding. GAs also directly support new and returning international students and their families, and help dorm staff and other campus offices, departments, and programs. 

Information for international students and families pertaining to the 2020-21 school-year, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, can be found in the International Families FAQ document, linked in the Back to School 2020 Plan under Frequently Asked Questions>International Students.