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Information for Day-Student Families

Day students are invaluable members of the NMH community.
While they share similar experiences with boarding students, there are inevitable differences as day students navigate the transition between school life and home life throughout the week. This page provides information specific to your experience as day families. The left-hand column has more general information for parents of NMH students.
Welcome Reception, Meeting, and Dinner: This gathering for new and returning day students and families happens just before the start of school, on Thursday, August 29 in Alumni Hall, providing a wonderful opportunity for local families to meet one another. We will begin with a reception for all day-students’ families at 5:30 pm, followed by a brief, informational meeting at 6 pm. At this meeting, we will discuss driving permissions (required for current and future drivers) and other issues concerning day students. Dinner will follow in Alumni Hall. Please click here to register for the program and dinner.
Opening Days: A condensed version of our orientation schedule can be found in this Orientation and Registration Schedule. Students will receive a more complete schedule at registration, but I wanted to alert you in advance that there are special events during the opening days of school, including over Labor Day weekend, that are required for all students. The orientation activities have been carefully planned to help students form relationships within their dorms, establish an understanding of the goals and expectations of the NMH community, and create a feeling of belonging at the school. In order for day students to feel connected within the larger community, we expect them to attend as many events as possible. Day students are welcome to spend the night in the dorm during the opening weekend. We ask parents/guardians to inform the dean on duty (413-498-3326) after 7 pm on the evening the student wishes to spend the night.
Driving and Parking: If students intend to drive to school at any point this school year, they must read the Day Student Driver Letter and complete the Day Student Driving Regulations and Driver Parking Permit Application. Families should review the driving and parking guidelines with their student driver and reinforce the importance of following these guidelines. We will address guidelines and permissions at the welcome meeting described above.
Sleeping Over: Each day student is affiliated with a dorm and is welcome to spend the night, according to the following guidelines:
  • Weeknights: Day students may stay over in the dorm on a weeknight on rare occasions and only with permission from their associate dean. If a student needs to stay on campus for an extended period of time, or needs to sleep over on specific weeknights throughout the year, a $50 fee will be charged for each night. If a student is approved to stay on campus on a weeknight, s/he must stay in his/her assigned dorm.
  • Weekends: Day students are welcome to stay overnight in the dorm on any weekend night without charge. Parents/guardians should contact the faculty member on dorm duty after 7 pm to confirm that the student will be staying in the dorm.
Day-Student Absences: If your child will miss any school commitment for a planned or unexpected medical reason, a parent/guardian must call the O’Connor Health and Wellness Center at 413-498-3407 to have the student excused. For all other absences, a student must go through the protocols listed in the NMH Rules and Policies Handbook. For college visits, the student will go through the college counseling office. For any other absence (including family events), the student will go through the deans’ office. Please read the handbook section on NMH’s “20 percent rule,” which stipulates that any student who misses more than 20 percent of any required school commitment (class, sports, PE, workjob) is typically denied credit for the course. This includes both excused and unexcused absences.
School Delays and Closings: We do not cancel or delay school often due to weather, but if we do, you will be alerted via an automated ConnectEd text message. At all other times, you should use your best judgment about driving in poor conditions. We encourage you to watch the weather report daily and plan ahead. If there is a chance of snow or ice for the next day, students are welcome to stay on campus overnight. Similarly, if weather conditions worsen during the school day, your student may stay on campus that night. In both cases, please call the deans’ office to let us know of your student’s plans. If your student cannot make it to school because of road conditions, please call the deans’ office at 413-498-3423. Students will be excused for weather-related absences.
Lockers: Most dorms have lockers for day students to use. The dorm heads hold the keys so students may secure their valuable items. Lockers are also available in the library for 10th–12th graders. Keys for these lockers are available in the deans’ office.
The Tower Lounge: The Tower Lounge in Blake Student Center is a day-student space. Boarding students are welcome to use it as well, but it is intended as a place day students can wait for rides and congregate. The room is open from 7 am to 10 pm, Monday through Friday, and whenever Blake Student Center is open on the weekends.


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