Family Days: Tips for Parents

Parents with their student during Family Days

Family Days offer the opportunity to experience firsthand the classes, activities, and teachers that make up your student's life this term. We understand that not all families are able to get to campus, but we encourage parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members and friends to join us if possible. If you cannot participate, please feel free to reach out to your student's advisor, teachers, and coaches through email, or schedule telephone or video calls.

On-Campus Check-in
When you arrive on campus, follow the signs to park your car and then head to Alumni Hall, where you will pick up your information packet, nametag, and a schedule of your student’s classes and your teacher conferences.

Teacher Conferences
After you have registered online, you will be sent a Pickatime web link to schedule your teacher and advisor conferences. This is the easiest way to set up your appointments with faculty. If you miss the sign-up window, you will need to email teachers directly. When selecting time slots, please keep in mind other activities you might want to attend, some of which overlap with teacher conferences.

Conferences are scheduled in 10-minute blocks. Plan enough time to walk from one building to another. While most families meet with teachers without their student, you are welcome to bring your student to the conference. Sometimes families must make last-minute changes to their conference times. Teachers will post their schedule on the wall outside their meeting room where you can pencil in or cross off your name if necessary.

Attending Classes
This is one of the most interesting activities of the weekend. It’s an opportunity for you to experience a day in the life of your student, and we highly encourage you to participate. You will receive your student’s schedule and class meeting locations when you check in on campus. Some students, particularly new or younger students, might try to discourage family members from attending classes, telling you that no other parents will be there. Not true! Many parents will be in class with their students; teachers expect and look forward to your attendance. However, try to simply observe and enjoy; refrain from participating unless invited by the teacher.

Other Family Day Highlights
Beyond classes and conferences, Family Days also provide an opportunity to witness the performing arts and athletics in action, interact with the college counseling team, and learn more about international travel programs. A complete schedule will be included in your packet.

It’s always best to book your lodging accommodations early, as the nearest hotels fill quickly. Find basic information and resources for visiting campus here.

Other Things To Do
We offer a parent lounge in the Mira B. Wilson Room of Alumni Hall on Friday during the day. It’s a good place to check email, charge phones, have a cup of coffee, and mingle with other parents.

Please feel free to spend time in other spaces throughout the campus, including the Schauffler Library, Bolger House (admission office), the Rhodes Arts Center, Blake Student Center, and the Hayward Farm (where the farm store will be open).

Please remember that all campus buildings are designated as nonsmoking areas, and we request that everyone refrain from cell phone conversations in public places on campus.