Every single NMH program involves adults who support participating students. Through group meetings, informal conversations, and a network of collaborative adults on campus, the school maintains a high level of engagement with and care of students.

Each student has an advisor whose responsibility it is to know and nurture his or her advisees. Advisors oversee the formal element of the advising program: weekly meetings between students and advisors that follow a curriculum to support goal-setting, self-evaluation, selection of classes, and other advising topics. The advisor is familiar with all aspects of a student’s life, in and out of the classroom. This relationship offers the student an interested, informed, and trusted adult who can help the student make choices, examine beliefs and values, navigate difficulties, enjoy successes, and grow as an individual throughout his or her NMH career.

Advisors have direct responsibility for approximately 5-7 students in the same dormitory. In addition to scheduled weekly meetings, advisors see their advisees throughout the week when they are on dorm duty, or informally as they are passing through the dorm. Students are assigned a freshman advisor connected with the 9th grade dormitory. When students select their 10–12th grade dorm, they are assigned a new advisor who they generally stay with throughout the rest of their time at NMH.

Parents should think of the advisor as their point person, the primary liaison with the school regarding their child. During the first few weeks of school, your child’s advisor will contact you to introduce him/herself, describe your child’s initial adjustment, and discuss the best way for you to communicate with each other throughout the year. During Family Days we encourage parents to schedule time with their child’s advisor in addition to classroom teacher conferences. When parents have questions of any nature, they should feel free to call or send emails to the advisor. The work of the advisor is supervised by the associate deans.