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Welcome. As your student’s experience evolves at Northfield Mount Hermon, it won’t take long for you to see that you’re an essential part of the NMH community. 

Personalized Support for You

Your student’s advisor is the most direct line to learning more about your student’s life on campus. 

Our family portal, NMH Connect, is the best place to find the information that you need, including school calendars, resources for families, campus news, directories, and your student's schedule and grades.

For other resources, the NMH employee directory is searchable by name or department.

Share in Your Student’s High School Experience

There are many opportunities for you to follow and engage with your student’s experiences at NMH. Please join us for athletic events, performing-arts shows, visiting speakers, Fall Family Days, and other special events throughout the academic year. 

Even if you live far from our Massachusetts campus, you can take part in your student’s day. In addition to NMH Connect, where you'll find most everything you may need, we offer these other valuable resources for families:

  • Many of our athletic events and special events are livestreamed.

  • You also can read news stories about campus happenings and individual students.

  • NMH Social collects all our social media posts in one place.

  • Our Flickr pages are updated with new photos and videos of student life.

  • Links to longer NMH videos are on YouTube

Regardless of your distance from campus, we hope you’ll stay connected.

Have Questions? 

Your student’s advisor is your primary point of contact with the school and should always be the first person you contact with questions or concerns. To locate your student’s advisor, log into NMH Connect. Click on your student’s name in the upper left. On your student’s “Progress” tab, scroll down past “Performance” and “Courses” to “Advisory.” There you will find your student’s advisor and their contact information. General questions about a student’s experience as well as academic issues should be directed to the advisor. Special permission requests, travel-related questions, or any other residential/student life permissions should be directed to the dean of students office.