Student Qualifies for International Science Competition

NMH sophomore Ian Lim was awarded first place in the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair for his project about microorganisms and freshwater gasoline spills. 
Lim says he had noticed a lack of attention to and research on this topic, and devised a project to look for ways of counteracting gasoline damage to freshwater ecosystems. Specifically, Lim says he “constructed an array of experiments to determine the correlation between gasoline contamination, remediation techniques, and changes observed in Daphnia magna (water fleas).”
This spring, Lim presented his work at increasingly prestigious venues. Over spring break, he was awarded second place in the Massachusetts Region 1 Science Fair. He received a cash award and the right to compete at the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair at MIT on May 5 and 6. His first-place ranking there earned Lim the right to compete in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair — world’s largest international pre-college science competition — in Los Angeles later this month. 
Unfortunately, Lim won’t be able to take part because that competition overlaps with NMH finals week. Now that’s academic dedication!
Photo courtesy of Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair