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How to Volunteer for NMH Gives


What is NMH Gives?

NMH Gives is a worldwide celebration of our community’s pride and support of NMH on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023. 

The day will include virtual gatherings with friends and classmates from all over the world and donor competitions and challenges to drive donor participation. 

NMH needs volunteers (alumni, parents, and students) to share their NMH pride, host virtual events, and inspire and motivate others to get involved.  


Why is this day so important?

NMH Gives is a day for our entire community to connect, have fun, and join together to be loud and proud! All dollars raised during NMH Gives will go directly to providing students and faculty with much-needed resources for financial aid, academic programs, athletics, the arts, and much more. 


How can you join the effort?

Make a gift during NMH Gives:

  • Lead by example and make your gift to the NMH Fund for NMH Gives.
  • Offer a match or challenge for other donors.

Celebrate NMH through your graduating class, region, or affinity group.

  • Join a virtual gathering. Check out NMH Gives for a list of virtual events hosted by NMH volunteers.
  • Don’t see an event listed? Offer to host a virtual gathering. Contact Liza Riehs to ask how to become an NMH Gives host.

Become an NMH Gives “advocate” .

  • Become an NMH Gives “advocate” and be recognized for your impact. Go to the NMH Gives giving platform and click “advocate” to get started.