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Outdoor classroom in the woods

Giving Back

Lesley Snelling ’78 and John Bober P’09, ’13

Hometown: New Canaan, Connecticut

Professions: Lesley is a radiation oncologist; John is a finance consultant.

Parents of: Sophie Bober ’09, an attorney, and Adrienne “Annie” Bober ’13, grants and database coordinator at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Why NMH: “It’s a place where young people don’t have to feel like they are in a pressure cooker.  They start becoming who they want to be rather than who their parents expect them to be.” 

NMH effect: “Students gain an appreciation for public service, and learn to actively seek ways to contribute to their communities and society.”

Faculty praise: “NMH teachers know how to harness the forces within each student. They are good at pushing students beyond technical competency to more creative thinking, which leads to more engaged and well-rounded students."  

Mountain Day, again: Lesley climbed Mount Monadnock with her ’78 classmates during Reunion 2018. “I remember it being a lot easier.” 

John’s NMH wish: That he had run the Pie Race before his hips were replaced. “Now I’m not fast enough to win a pie.”

Breaking rules: “The trouble our kids got into in high school — that we know of — was within one standard deviation of normal.” 

Giving inspiration: “The school was built on the hard work and generosity of people who came before us. We’ve seen the positive things that come from the NMH educational experience, and putting that within reach of more students is a great goal.”


Photo: Don Hamerman