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Telling Our Story

Welcome back to NMH Magazine

This magazine has been a long time coming. It’s been two-and-a-half years since Northfield Mount Hermon last published a print version of NMH Magazine, after making the critical decision, during the pandemic, to focus the school’s resources on campus and prioritize the academic and residential-life needs of our students. 


NMH logo from 1970-1979

Looking back through our archive, we uncovered the inspiration for our new logo. From around 1970 to 1979, the original logo was used on our student handbook and on bumper stickers. We refined its form and refreshed its colors to stand as the definitive logo for the entire Northfield Mount Hermon brand. This logo’s beautifully simple design was undoubtedly inspired by the greats of midcentury modern design like Saul Bass and Ray and Charles Eames. We merely dusted off this timeless gem and made it more applicable to today.

I’m Natalie Georges, director of marketing and communications. I was welcomed to NMH in September 2021 and have had the pleasure of serving as part of the team that made this special issue of the magazine possible. It’s been enlightening to connect with the NMH community through so many amazing stories of students, faculty, staff, and alumni, some of which are captured in these pages. The content we have created and curated to share with you underscores the ways that NMH has lived its mission for nearly 150 years, deeply rooted in history but with our eyes fixed on the future. 

You’ll read about the advent of coeducation at the school 50 years ago, a transformation in which NMH responded to societal shifts while remaining true to its longtime principles. You’ll meet students, alumni, faculty, and staff who reflect on what NMH has meant to their lives. You’ll experience the new Gilder Center, which exemplifies NMH’s multidisciplinary, experiential, and future-focused approach to education. You’ll hear from Bea Garcia, assistant head of school for academic programs and dean of faculty, about the ways our mission plays out every day in our classrooms, and from Martha Neubert, dean of equity and social justice, on how NMH continues the ongoing work of living D.L. Moody’s ideals. Finally, I invite you to explore NMH’s new Strategic Framework, which was developed over the past year to set out the priorities, plans, and aspirations that will shape our next chapter. 

The content in these pages underscores how NMH has lived its mission — deeply rooted in history but with our eyes fixed on the future.

NMH Logo

Because I joined NMH as the Strategic Framework was being finalized, I have come to understand three truths about NMH: First, the core values that have guided NMH from the beginning will continue to do so as we evolve, always in service to our students and our larger community. Second, we will continue to strive for excellence while acknowledging that the real value of our work is the journey, which is driven and enriched by the diversity of our community and measured by its impact on humanity and the physical world we share. Finally, as the beneficiaries and stewards of D.L. Moody’s vision, we must aspire to do work that has the potential to transform lives and open doors for generations to come. 

Along with the Strategic Framework, NMH undertook a refresh of the school’s brand, which I am excited to launch fully in the fall of 2022. The intention — of moving toward a future that is firmly grounded in our founding principles — is represented visually in our reimagined logo, which revisits our wordmark from 50 years ago, when Northfield and Mount Hermon merged to become a single coeducational institution. The colorful mosaic of the logo represents both the diversity of our community today and the future that we envision, one comprising a kaleidoscope of individuals who exemplify NMH’s ideals by living, learning, and serving with purpose.

This is an exciting time, and ours is a dedicated, strong, and passionate community. I am honored to serve and live our mission alongside each of you. [NMH]