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Get Out(side)

The pandemic complicated our indoor lives this year. So we opened the door and went out.  

With physical distance requirements, restrictions on how many people could be in campus spaces, and plexiglass dividers popping up everywhere, being inside suddenly became a problem that needed constant solving. 

Being outside was easier. Plant facilities staff led the way in creating new outdoor spaces where students could go to their classes, eat meals, hang out, and play sports. We held a dance party at the farm instead of in the gym, and found new ways to feed students (DIY food trucks!). One takeaway: A few string lights — actually, many feet of string lights — go a long way.

Illustration of outdoor classroom
Illustration of basketball hoops
Illustration of outdoor chairs
Illustration of food truck
Illustration of outdoor pavilion
Illustration of ice skating
Illustration of string lights

Illustrations by Jessica McGuirl