“What's so special about this place? We value exceptionalism without valuing elitism.”

– Dean of Faculty Hugh Silbaugh

News Stories

Xiaoxian “Lily” Lin: Learning to Think Independently

 Before Xiaoxian “Lily” Lin arrived at NMH, she’d been a high-achieving middle-schooler in Guangzhou, China, where she did lots of memorizing. “With the education at home, there was almost always a correct answer, even when we were learning about literature,” she says. So at NMH, in her ninth-grade Humanities class, she found her first essay assignment a struggle. “My teachers told me to use my...More

Meet an NMH Student: Melvin Mercado

Melvin Mercado came to NMH from the hustle-and-bustle Bronx, so it was a big transition when he traded the Big Apple for NMH, “where sometimes the only thing you can hear is the wind,” he says. Melvin admits that it was a hard adjustment, though now he sees that rural areas have their own benefits. “Yesterday I spent three hours doing homework sitting in the sun, and there’s a lot of free space...More

A Close-to-Home School Gave Eli a Global Education

Day student Eli Nicolson grew up only a few miles from NMH, but classes here have taken him thousands of miles away to study in Uruguay and New Zealand. “The learning you can do in a six-week, study-abroad program can outweigh anything else you can do even at a school like this,” he says.  Eli’s language-immersion trip to Uruguay was “not just studying Spanish, but living in Spanish.” This type...More

Kevin: Becoming a Person with Many Passions

“In my three years at NMH, I’ve changed from a person without any particular interests to a person with many passions,” says Kevin Cap, a senior from Vietnam. “When I first came here, my most important goal was just to study, though I was a little curious about performing,” he says. Kevin became a regular in the theater program — singing and acting in two large musical productions — Shrek and...More

Maggie: Gotta Dance, Gotta Dance!

 Maggie Dunbar calls herself a “creative learner,” and dance has taken her on a artistic journey both within and beyond the world of movement.  Already steeped in ballet when she was drawn to NMH’s robust dance program, Maggie now prefers modern and contemporary dance. She has performed with the dance companies each year, and traveled with the group to two regional festivals. Those, she says,...More