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Your Food Choices Have Impact Far Beyond Your Plate

May 7, 2019 — You make choices every day about what to eat — an apple, Bibimbap, or Fruit Loops? “These are seemingly innocuous decisions, but the impacts of our choices ripple out beyond our plates, beyond our shelter, beyond our community,” says Becca Malloy, NMH science teacher and director of sustainability. Exploring the implications of our food choices is at the heart of NMH’s annual Food Systems Teach-In and Farmers’ Market.

On Friday, May 10, NMH will host local food and agriculture experts for a day of connecting, teaching, and selling their products. “The goal is to build educational connections between youth and adults and between the food producers and consumers of the Pioneer Valley,” Malloy says.

Guest speakers will visit classes to discuss topics such as identifying wild foods, how businesses source local food, and how the NMH farm produces food for the school community. Presenters include representatives from Real Pickles, Picadilly Farm, Crooked Stick Pops, Nutwood Farm, and Hillside Pizza, as well as NMH’s forester. One class will use the agricultural startup BrightFarms as a case study, examining whether local production systems are scalable.

NMH also will welcome some two dozen vendors of locally grown and crafted products at the educational farmer’s market from 11 am to 4 pm in Beveridge Bowl. It’s another opportunity to inspire young people to make informed food choices, and to network with diverse representatives of the Connecticut River Valley food system. 

The annual teach-in is just one aspect of ongoing sustainability efforts at NMH. For instance, local foods appear throughout the year on students’ plates in the NMH dining hall, including some produced on campus at the NMH farm. 

Farmers’ Market Participants

  • Auntie Elsie’s Oatmeal Crisps
  • Vermont Fresh Pasta
  • Pine Ledge Farm
  • Maple Mama Craft Beverages
  • Acorn Kitchen
  • Evans Country Clean
  • Jane Lyon Jewelry
  • Performance Food Group
  • Golden Russet Farm
  • Retreat Farm Ltd.
  • Coyote Hill Farm
  • Red’s Best Seafood
  • Jalco Farm
  • Great Falls Aquaculture
  • Cheshire Garden Farm
  • Food Connects
  • Gloriosa and Co.
  • NMH Dining Services
  • NMH Farm
  • Just Roots
  • NMH Service Programs
  • Empty Bowls
  • Everyday Farm
  • Q’Ewar Project