The school year begins!
Emily Weir

Sept. 4, 2017 — New student checklist: Make it to Registration. Get I.D. photo taken. Pick up schedule. Pick up laundry bag. Move into the dorm. Pick a bed. Top bunk or bottom? Sign “The Book” at Matriculation. Sing “Jerusalem.” Meet advisor. Say goodbye to parents. A little sad. Nervous. Excited.

Meet other kids. Lots of other kids. Awkward bonding activities. Dorm meeting. Canoeing on Shadow Lake. Scavenger hunt. Dining hall. Blueberry pancakes. Pulled pork sandwich. Soft-serve ice cream. Campfire. Contradance. Learn about Google Apps. Learn about workjob. Learn about academic integrity. Take the swim test. Figure out where classrooms are.

First class. First practice. Try to not get lost on the cross-country course. First rehearsal. Think to yourself, ‘Wow, there are talented people here!’ First all-school meeting. Sing “Jerusalem” again. First time realizing how many people can fit in Memorial Chapel. Mistakenly think a class with “Java” in the title was about coffee. First homework assignment. First study hall. First fire drill. Text family. First time realizing, ‘This is going to be good.’ — By Jennifer Sutton

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Glenn Minshall photo.