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“The Littles” Win 2022 Green Cup Challenge

March 16, 2022 — The results from the annual NMH Green Cup Challenge are in! The Green Cup Challenge is a campus conservation initiative run by the Ecoleaders, a group of NMH students who coordinate sustainability projects on campus.

From Feb. 9 through March 2, the Ecoleaders challenged fellow students to conserve energy in their dormitories by taking shorter showers, turning off lights, and closing windows. “It’s all about the little things that add up,” said Ecoleader Winston ’22. 

This year, NMH dormitories were clustered into five “villages” as teams to see who could conserve the most electricity. The goal was for each village to reduce energy consumption at least 4 percent below its baseline, said Skylar McAlpin, faculty advisor to the Ecoleaders.

The top performing village was “The Littles,” made up of North Farmhouse, Oaknoll Cottage, and Ridge Hall, with a 9.1 percent energy reduction. Coming in a very close second was the village of “The Cottages,” which includes London, Monadnock, Hubbard, and Manchester, with an 8.9 percent decrease. “Both villages are winners!” McAlpin said.

NMH founded the Green Cup Challenge in 2006, along with two other schools, the Lawrenceville School and Phillips Exeter Academy. Now, hundreds of schools participate from around the world. 

Ecoleader Meena ’23 said, “The challenge gives the NMH community a chance to work together and show that in order to make a difference everyone needs to pitch in.” 

Throughout the three-week challenge this year, the Ecoleaders shared information, reminders, and encouragement with the school community. 

A few tips: 

  • Unplug unused electronics from the wall. Even if a device is turned off, electricity is still being used. 
  • Before leaving your dorm, take a few seconds to turn off the lights.
  • Keep windows closed when the heat is on.

Ecoleaders have also created a resource for the campus community on using sustainability practices when using the NMH Mail Room. See it here

Ecoleaders Lucy ’23 and Meena ’23 commended the entire school community for working toward energy reduction, and encouraged students — and adults — to continue their conservation efforts on campus even though the Green Cup Challenge is over. Meena added, “Our hope is that this fun activity will help students create sustainable habits that they will continue to implement in the future.” Lucy said, “Congratulations to the winners, and let’s stay sustainable!”