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“When I toured NMH, I was struck by how people welcomed me,” says junior Skylar Nieman. “At my last school, I felt I needed to be a certain type of person to fit in.”

Skylar is a day student; her hometown is only a half-hour’s drive from NMH. “I get the best of both worlds,” she says — “access to amazing campus resources and connections and also my family and friends at home.”

“I have trouble selecting courses here because I want to take nearly every course,” Skylar says. This year, her picks included Social Entrepreneurship, Digital Photography, AP U.S. History, Honors Chemistry, French 4, American Literature, and AP Calculus. “NMH teachers are there for you completely,” she says. In Skylar’s experience, “it’s hard not to do well in your classes.”

Outside of the classroom, Skylar shoots photographs for campus publications, takes guitar lessons, sings with the all-female a cappella ensemble The Nellies, is a “big sister” to a local girl, and has a DJ slot at the school radio station, WNMH. But it’s rowing that really gets her fired up. 

Skylar has been rowing on the nearby Connecticut River since seventh grade, and this year she was elected co-captain of the NMH varsity rowing team. “It’s been a dream of mine,” she says. “It’s just a 10-minute walk to the NMH boathouse and an escape into the beautiful landscape.”

A sophomore-year NMH study trip to Spain and Morocco broadened Skylar’s view of her future. “I saw that I could study or conduct research in another country,” she says. “This year, my college counselor is helping me figure out what I want and I’ll check out those options.”

“I’ve been allowed to explore anything I wanted,” she adds. “If you can think of something, NMH will support you in trying to achieve it.”

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