“When I visited NMH, it immediately skyrocketed to the top of my list of prospective schools,” recalls junior Shameek Hargrave of East Orange, New Jersey. “The feeling of being welcomed separated it from other schools. NMH recognized what it would take for me — the first person in my family to attend boarding school — to make a successful transition.”

“At Envision NMH Day, I was taken aback by how engaged and interested students were in classes. I felt that NMH would let me grow as a person, and was inspired by how the school lives up to its mission statement of ‘acting with humanity and purpose.’ 

“I love how social justice — learning to live a life of service — is part of nearly every class, even ones you wouldn’t expect. In AP Computer Science, we studied how there can be racial bias in algorithms; that wowed me.

“Math and science were my favorite courses before NMH, and that’s continued. But here I was also intrigued by history. In Social Entrepreneurship class, I hope to develop an after-school program that teaches urban children about possible career paths.

“Giving back to others is important to me. I volunteer at a homeless shelter, cook community meals, and help teach math at an elementary school. I’m also co-leader of a Habitat for Humanity club that’s helped build two homes in Northampton.

“I love the idea of building things, and I think I want to be a software engineer after college. I started programming in seventh grade and continued at NMH. 

“I’m a man with lots of hobbies. I dabbled in piano, was captain of the JV basketball team, and have tried track, wrestling, Outdoor Team, and Coding Club. And singing with the Mount Harmony a cappella group brings a different sort of creativity.

“Next year, I will be a Resident Leader in a 9th-grade dorm. I hope to set new students up for success, just as my RLs did for me.”

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