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NMH’s Art Collection: Eclecticism on Display

June 10, 2019 — At first glance, all you see is exuberant bird life — a duck here, a turkey in the background, a swift on the wing above a seafoam green meadow dotted with wildflowers. But look more closely at the oil painting by Morgan Bulkeley titled “E-Z Bird I.D.”  (shown above). You’ll see that this seeming Eden has been soiled by humans — discarded bottles, a pacifier, an old boot, and other detritus. Look closer still and you’ll notice human hands dangling sticks in front of one another. 

This piece is showcased in Selected Works from the NMH Collection, the final art exhibition of the year. All the works on display in the Gallery at the Rhodes Arts Center were given to the school by Arthur Goldberg ’53.

On display pillars near “E-Z Bird I.D.” is a collection of eight fanciful ceramic teapots (shown below). The eclectic exhibition also includes two portraits by painter Randall Deihl, the intricate graphite drawing “Still Life on Black Drape,” and other works in various media.

The exhibition continues through June 16. The gallery is open Monday–Friday, 10 am–7 pm, and 1–5 pm on weekends.