NMH Faculty Art Exhibited

Jan. 24, 2019— Each winter, NMH visual arts faculty members present their own recent creative work in the Gallery at the Rhodes Arts Center.  

The exhibition — by visual arts teachers Stephen Allison, Lauren Scott Corwin, Sam Pettengill, Bill Roberts, Jamie Rourke, and Mona Seno — includes photographs, sculptures, paintings, and an installation. It opens Jan. 25 (with a gallery reception at 6:30 that evening) and continues through Feb. 24.
This year, the works selected include the results of experiments by the various artists. 

  • Lauren Scott Corwin says she stretched herself artistically. Traditionally an oil painter, she has "started using spray paint, collaging old drawings, and placing patterns to help tell a complex story and layered history." These works, she says, were emotionally fueled by "coming to terms with struggle as a human condition." Her "Voiceless" series nods to traditional portraiture, but showcases contemporary faces that "are changing the structures that have been set for decades" and represented using mixed media.  
  • Sam Pettengill has been experimenting too, exploring pinhole imagery and serial images shot with plastic cameras and using a grid.
  • Bill Roberts' paintings capture the New England landscape, including winter fields, summer streams, and scenes from the farm, roads, and Shadow Lake on NMH's campus. 
  • Jamie Rourke has created a 500-pound sculpture that will be displayed in the gallery.
  • Mona Seno will merge her dual interests in ceramics and sculpture with a site-specific installation consisting of 102 porcelain flowers. The individual pieces will form a large wall-mounted piece inspired by the form of Queen Anne’s lace plants.
  • Stephen Allison is exhibiting sculptural work he created in 2018–19. 
Below is a sneak preview of what you'll see.

Row 1 (left to right): Summer Garden by Stephen Allison; detail of sculpture by Jamie Rourke
Row 2: Shadow Lake (plein air) by Bill Roberts; Squibnocket by Sam Pettengill
Row 3: Anita Hill by Lauren Scott Corwin, installation by Mona Seno (detail)
[Note: Some images have been cropped or are details.]