Ngone: "There's Space to Be You"
Emily Weir

“My admission tour guide, Samantha, told me that the NMH community is so open and welcoming and there’s always space to be you,” recalls sophomore Ngone Fall, who’s from Newark, New Jersey. “And that’s exactly what I found when I came here, and that’s what I still receive, from everybody, to this day.”

“The academics are extremely rigorous, but because of the way teachers present things, it’s not like, ‘Ugh, I have school today.’ It’s more like, “I have school today!’ There are lots of courses to choose from, and the College-Model Academic Program schedule lets me create my own path, studying courses like Web Development, World Literature, and AB Calculus. Here, you challenge yourself often, and you’re always on top of your game.”

Speaking of game, “Basketball has always been important to me, and right now I’m managing spring track and running with the fall cross-country team to keep up with their workouts. I’m also involved in Circle of Sisters, the campus affinity group for females of color; the Advanced Scholars and Leaders Program; and the African Students Association. The Social Justice Leadership Institute, which I’ve been involved with twice, is an eye-opening, powerful program. 
“Because of NMH, I’ve learned to be more accepting of others. I grew up where everyone was black or Hispanic, and I had never learned about people of different ethnicities. So freshman year, I adopted the mantra of being respectful and putting myself in others’ shoes and seeing how they look at the world.”