New Students Settle In and Gear Up

Aug. 31, 2018 — Beginnings are big. Unfamiliar people, classes, routines, mailbox combinations — it’s exciting, scary, and a little bit overwhelming. Maybe a lot overwhelming.

But every year, when a couple hundred new students arrive on campus, NMH faculty, staff, and returning students greet them with excitement and curiosity. What will these newcomers bring to the school? What voices will they contribute in the classroom? What teams and ensembles will they influence? What personal traditions will they introduce to the dorm?

Dean of Enrollment Claude Anderson says, “I can’t wait to see what happens when these new students get engaged in the community.” 

As orientation begins and students get to know one another, we thought you'd like to know a little about them, and about NMH's student body this year.

  • Total enrollment: 636
  • Girls: 296
  • Boys: 335
  • Non-binary: 5
  • Children of alumni: 73
  • Students of color: 136
  • Most common surname: Kim
  • Most common first names: Michael and Jack
  • Number of states represented: 29
  • Number of countries represented: 58
  • Countries represented this year that were not last year: Antigua, Bangladesh, Colombia, Hungary, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Switzerland

And a few notable new students:

  • A soccer player who helped Spain’s U19 national women’s team win the UEFA (Union of European Football Association) championship
  • A budding designer who created a clothing brand and logo called Hypotheses
  • A children’s book author who published her first book — available on Amazon — at age 10
  • A student from Ukraine who developed English-language textbooks and syllabi, approved by the Department of Education, for his school and others in chemistry, British literature, and American literature.

“These are good kids who have a passion about something,” Anderson observes. “I’m always excited at this time of year, thinking about what what will happen when these students bring their talents together with our teachers and coaches.”